What We Do

In this ever changing 21st century world,  if you are a small business owner, a consultant or a Fortune 500 CE0 you need to communicate your message on how you serve others.

PA Consulting & Designs main goal is to help you create a website that speaks your language. If your a small business and need a new website or yours redone, give PA Consulting & Design a call.

PA Consulting & Design will challenge you to go “as fast as you can, but as slow as you must” leveraging low cost innovative solutions.

PA Consulting will build you a “total communication plan” on your site. We can set you up for eCommerce, mobile payments via your SmartPhone, SEO (search engine optimization) or just have us on retainer for all your technology needs.

After you purchase the solution here is what PA Consulting will do for you:

1) Build a site to meet your needs and be able to edit yourself. It will have a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. It will be easy to update either by us or we can show you how you can do it yourself

2) We will help you obtain your own domain name

3) Help you have your own blog on your site (optional)

4) You will have an integrated Twitter account (optional)

5) You will have a integrated link to Linkedin and Facebook (optional)

Other options:

*eCommerce site

*YouTube video integration

*Text message integration

*Quote rotator and 1000 quotes to pick from

*Online training